Advanced situational awareness provided by our trained pilots and rotary wing UAVs allow us to operate close to structures and surfaces, to achieve sub-millimetre image resolutions (without the movement issues sometimes caused by zooming from afar, and even in confined environments).

We fly in both manual and autonomous pilot roles and we can switch between as required – offering full flight mode flexibility chosen to best fit your project.

One Flight - Multiple Imagery Types

  • High Resolution Photography
  • HD / 4K Video
  • Thermal / Infrared Scanning and Mapping

We operate with sensor-rich platforms with the widest camera breadth of any civilian drone. Fully stabilized, “TripleView” camera heads allows the switch between HD and thermal video imagery, live during flight, in addition to the ability to capture high-resolution still images on demand. All data can be saved for further analysis post-flight, and all without landing to change payloads.

We are capable of achieving a GSD of down to 1 mm at a surface distance of 6 m (19.7 ft).

Our trained inpection pilots and our UAVs are designed specifically to perform and record live inspections of buildings, towers, bridges, roof tops, cliff faces and other structures. Onboard navcams and ultrasonic sensors provide the visual and proximity feedback required to make our equipment particularly suitable for sensitive or dangerous sites, such as cliff faces, flare stacks, bridges and more.

  • high-res 2D mapping, 3D building mapping and modelling
  • structural inspection & documentation
  • crack/defect detection
  • asset management monitoring programs
  • emergency response scene recording and hover inspection