Taiga is able collect aerial crop and land data with its UAV using cameras/sensors that collect thousands of images in multispectral bands (standard red/blue/green (RBG) photography, near infrared/red edge and thermal imagery.

With this imagery, we create maps of your fields to assist with

Crop Scouting, Treatments and Field Survey

  • providing reliable insights into the health of your crops with NDVI and orthomosaic maps of your fields
    • NDVI – Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is a proven method to identify and pinpoint crops that may be experiencing difficulties – as crops undergo photosynthesis, their reflected light colour pattern provides an accurate index of relative health and can be represented in a red-yellow-green colour spectrum for review
    • Orthomosaic Map – hundreds to thousands of images of your field are taken in flight by our drone. These images are brought together to create one large, high resolution photograph of the entire target area that can be zoomed in for inspection purposes
    • the data can be provided in a variety of file types that can be used by a wide selection of equipment that you are using for fertilizer and pest/weed control that is software/GPS based
    • data/maps supplied are GPS referenced, geographically correct and can be used for acreage inventory and harvest planning, crop counts, etc.
    • imagery can be a valuable tool for crop insurance claims with documented damage

Elevation Models and Contour Maps

  • pinpoint low spots and potential drainage issues
    • while processing your field data we can prepare a Digital Surface Model (DSM) in 3D for your review.
    • elevations can be modeled to accuracies specific to your needs
    • the data can be provided in a variety of file types that can be used by a wide selection of tractors/equipment that you are using that is software/GPS based

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