Taiga Air Services conducts its unmanned aerial work in accordance with three separate Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOC) granted by Transport Canada. The three SFOCs cover operations in:

Aerial data/image acquisition

  • High resolution photography/video
  • Orthomosaic imaging/mapping, 3D Modelling
  • Digital elevation/surface modelling and contours lines
  • Near infrared (NIR) and “Red Edge” crop and vegetation health data

Tall Structure Inspection

  • High resolution photography/video
  • 3D modelling
  • Infrared thermal imaging
  • Hover inspection

Wildfire Operations

  • High resolution photography/video for suppression, assessment and investigation activity
  • Infrared thermal imaging/mapping
  • Taiga Air Services are presently the ONLY operator in the Prairie Northern Region (MB/SK/AB) with Wildfire Operations approval