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Taiga begins every project by assessing its inventory of technologies and determining what tools are required to exceed project goals. From sensor technology to platforms, we’re confident we have the resources to navigate the complexities of almost any aerial-based project with highly qualified system specialists to ensure our technologies are deployed to their fullest potential.


This Taiga X-CAM has the capacity to collect thousands of images that are then stitched together to create large orthomosaics. From this imagery, Taiga is able to render point clouds, digital elevation models (DEMs) useful in a number of applications such as environmental assessment, right-of-way analysis, and emergency response, management and planning. This camera can be mounted on our rotary wing aircraft and also on fixed wing aircraft with extremely remote or large project areas.


Our FLIR systems are capable of scanning over 3000 hectares of land in a single flight. Fire extents, hot spots and other relevant data is readily conveyed to fire management and ground crews in digital reports, maps and geo-referenced pdf documents for strategic planning and response.


Finding the right technology for the job.

Depending on your project requirements, we can combine different sensors, equipment and technology to drive the right results. If we don't have the specs you need, we are able to source it.

Stark Slice

The Stark Slice is a dual axis, gyro stabilized, airborne thermal imaging system with co-mounted video camera. The unique capabilities of this system, including "auto-scan" make it the most effective helicopter based thermal detection system available.

Surveyor II

This Surveyor II stabilized gimbal, captures HD video and 50 Mp imagery for any application needing point-in-time documentation. As with all Taiga payloads, the Surveyor II is designed for quick install and removal permitting the aircraft to be deployed, re-configured or re-tasked in a matter of minutes.

Bell Long Ranger

This widely used single engine, lightweight utility helicopter from Bell Helicopters is a very capable and versatile and robust platform. The helicopter of choice for Taiga, the Long Ranger series of helicopters provides the economy, reliability and performance we need to ensure our clients the highest level of service and safety.

  • Uses

    Passenger transport, airborne sensor platform, underslung loads and water bucketing.

  • Payload

    Up to 1200 lbs (LR4)

  • Specifications

    Max Speed: 110 knots, Max Flight Time: 3 ½ hours (L1), Rotor Diameter: 37 feet, Passengers: 5 plus pilot.

  • Additional Equipment

    Wire Strike Protection, Cargo Basket, External Camera Mounts, Satellite Flight Tracking, Real Time Weather, Performance enhancements.

eBee UAV

This fixed wing, battery powered, single engine, lightweight autonomous UAV system can be equipped with a variety of individual payloads, is compact and is easy to deploy. The eBee can be used for smaller aerial acquisitions across Canada in accordance with our Transport Approved Special Flight Operations Certificate.

  • Uses

    Aerial survey, crop survey, orthomosaic imaging, site surveys.

  • Payloads

    RGB 12MP camera unit, Red Edge 12MP camera unit.

  • Specifications

    Speed: 40-90 kph, Endurance: 50 minutes, Max Flight Range: 33 km, Nominal Coverage: 140 ha.

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