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Taiga specializes in six service categories designed to meet varying needs across multiple sectors. Each category outlines the type of services available, and can be combined with services from other categories to form customized project plans.

A Taiga expert will work with you to determine what technologies are necessary to collect essential data and achieve the outcomes of your project. Whether that means selecting one of the six service categories listed below, or building a package of technologies that work to accomplish your unique goals, our experts are equipped with the experience and resources to assist you along your project journey.

Strategic Thermal Scanning for Forest Fire Suppression

Thermal imaging surveys are useful for several applications including environmental and biometric analysis, power line and pipeline integrity as well as infrastructure management and maintenance.

  • Forest Fire Applications

    Accurate detection and mapping of hotspots, hotlines, and areas of risk, during the early signs of a forest fire permits a more effective deployment of resources, thus reducing costs and required labour.

  • Wildlife Infrared Surveys

    Aerial surveys of wildlife populations using infrared technologies allow for many advantages over observer-dependent surveys, including the ability to detect hidden wildlife and mitigate observer fatigue.

  • Thermal Fault Detection

    Detection of anomalies outside of the visible spectrum to initiate necessary maintenance actions in advance of component failure.

  • Pipeline Inspection

    Aerial inspection for pipeline integrity and encroachment issues including multi spectral analysis of vegetation for early leak detection.


Our aerial experts are available to help devise your action plan.

We’ll work with you to determine your needs, and recommend the right Taiga services and technologies to support with your goals. As an established industry expert in the aerial services sector, we’re equipped to manage unique projects and desired outcomes within a range of industries. A consultation with one of our experts will provide an in-depth understanding of the results that are possible.

Helicopter Charters

Taiga is proud to own and operate a fleet of Bell Long Ranger series helicopters. Our commitment to the very reliable Bell 206 Long Ranger series aircraft means all our training, support and expertise are dedicated to the one airframe. Our aircraft are very well equipped and economical solutions for remote area access and general utility operations.

  • Specialized Pilot Training

    Taiga pilots are highly experienced with specialized training in low level operations, flying in a wires environment, mountain flying and crew resource management. You can be certain all operations are being carried out with the greatest level of care and safety.

  • Helicopter Utility and Charter

    Charter our helicopter for remote access, external load or aerial construction. We have the equipment and logistical expertise to support a wide variety of customer needs.

  • Pipeline Gas Leak Detection and Visual Inspection

    The ability of a thermal scan to detect very small temperature fluctuations in pipeline gases provides considerable benefits over the traditional visual inspection of pipelines. Multi-spectral analysis will present changes in vegetation as indicators of leaks before visual detection is possible. Small issues can be addressed before any substantial and costly damage occurs.

  • Forest Fire Suppression

    Our helicopters meet all fire agency equipment standards with dual comms, satellite tracking and communication, real-time weather, and cargo baskets among other tools for efficiency and operational value.

Aerial Imaging and Geomatics

Aerial imaging and GIS (geographic information systems) services is our area of expertise. We are an innovative geospatial mapping company offering aerial surveys internationally.

  • Orthomosaics

    Orthomosaic systems allows our team to carry out detailed visual and dimensional interpretation of acquired imagery.

  • Data Collection

    Data collection encompasses the growing area of our business that relies on aerial imaging and geomatics to achieve data-driven solutions for a range of industries.

  • Digital Elevation Models

    Digital Elevation Models captured through aerial imaging and GIS allow us to derive key insights and present accurate renderings of a given Area of Interest (AOI) for terrestrial assessment.

Detailed Inspections

Thermal scanning technology allows Taiga to not only capture the data you need to drive key management decisions, but it can also anticipate the need for immediate action or planning on critical infrastructure such as power lines and pipelines.

  • Powerline Visual Inspections and Fault Detection

    Routine, ground based inspections of power lines are difficult due to access and a limited visual perspective. Aerial inspections overcome these issues, by being more efficient, productive and thorough.

  • Pipeline Gas Leak Detection and Visual Inspection

    The ability of a thermal scan to detect very small temperature fluctuations in pipeline gases provides considerable benefits over the traditional visual inspection of pipelines. This ensures a small leak can be repaired before any substantial and costly damage occurs.

Aerial Photography & Film

Taiga has proven expertise both behind and in front of the camera. Learn more about our extensive experience within this sector by reading through the sub-categories below.

  • Experience behind the Camera

    Taiga pilots are well experienced in flying a variety of camera systems used in today's aerial film work. As well, our helicopters have been customized with camera specific mounts to simplify installation and your choice in service providers.

  • Filming Capabilities

    Understanding the capabilities and limitations of the aircraft and camera are key to “getting the shot”. Starting on the ground, we work with the Production Team through all stages of the aerial production process to ensure that the shots deliver exactly as envisioned.

UAV Drone Services

Taiga’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone services allow for the execution of a number of specialized projects in the areas of aerial data and image acquisition as well as select wildlife operations. Learn more about the services available through this unique technology by scanning through the sub-categories below.

  • Aerial Data and Image Acquisition

    UAVs are equally well equipped to collect aerial imagery both in and outside the visible spectrum whether for land assessment and photo interpretation to multi-spectral crop analysis and agronomics.

  • Wildfire Operations

    UAVs are emerging as highly capable tools in collecting imagery for the purposes of suppression, assessment, investigation and post fire analysis of wildfires.

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