Taiga is an industry leader in operational and contractor charter services and an expert in logistical coordination.

Taiga’s air services include a state-of-the-art helicopter fleet that services commercial and government projects. We provide high-quality aerial imaging along with traditional helicopter services within Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

We are Aerial Services Specialists providing support to a variety of industries and interests including:

  • Remote Area Operations
  • Wildfire Management
  • Forestry (timber cruising, surveying)
  • Engineering and Planning
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Wildlife Management
  • Rural and Urban Municipality Planning
  • External Load and Long Line Work
  • Aerial Filming and Movie Production Filming
  • Tourism

Taiga pilots are experienced with specialist training for:

  • Low Level Survey
  • Low Visibility Flight
  • Flying in a Wires Environment and Utility Operations.
  • International Fire Operations
  • Mountain Flight
  • Wildlife Survey
  • Photography and Film work

Our helicopters meet agency equipment standards and are equipped with:

  • Increased performance kits
  • Cargo Baskets, 200 lb., flat bottom
  • Satellite tracking and communication
  • Moving map with real time weather
  • Water Buckets