Aerial inspections save time, money, and minimize human exposure to dangerous conditions

Examine and document surfaces and objects—such as bridges, towers, rooftops, and vertical structure faces (walls, dams, land features)—in close proximity and high-resolution, often in confined environments. Corridor inspection flights and reviews of pipeline, powerline, dikes and roadway assets can be documented and mapped.

Locate defects in 3D models created from image capture, visualize structural details from many angles, create a georeferenced image database for safe and efficient post-flight inspection.

Taiga uses the most efficient and safe platform for the project; UAV and helicopters to perform detailed aerial inspections and fixed wing aircraft for wide area projects. Our cameras and sensors are of the most advanced technology, our operators and pilots are trained to the highest levels of competency for close proximity work.

Highly detailed aerial inspections in both visible light and thermal/infrared

  • Save time and money reaching heights not accessible by cranes
  • Minimize human exposure to safety issues and dangerous conditions
  • Live inspection avoids costly shutdowns
  • Highly detailed imagery or video to identify surface contamination, cracks, rust and other issues
  • Collect data for future repairs or maintenance schedules
  • Monitor quality control of construction and engineering projects