Hotspots, smoldering underground or hidden in fallen debris, may go undetected by crews and traditional aerial reconnaissance. Undetected hotspots run the risk of reigniting; leading to more fire damage, risk to firefighters and costly redeployment.

With infrared scanning; Taiga provides accurate detection and mapping of hotspots, hotlines, and areas of risk, during the suppression phase of operations. This permits a more effective deployment of resources, thereby reducing costs and manpower required.

Areas of Use on a Wildfire

  • Detection of holdover fires that are a result of winter burning, site clearings, brush piles, power and pipeline construction and lightning activity
  • Mapping tool to determine the perimeter of active wildfires
  • Use in suppression activities to allow for improved and efficient allocation of resources to areas of concern
  • Identify the most effective location for air tanker drops
  • Hot spot detection
  • Monitor the progress of mop‐up operations
  • Reduction of resource and manpower requirements resulting in cost savings

Deliverables include:

  • Detailed Mission Scan Reports including conditions and fire behaviors
  • Perimeter mapping or grid mapping
  • Hot spot maps with GPS locations
  • Hot spot ranking