Taiga uses a variety of vibration stabilized, simultaneous capture, GPS tagged sensors and cameras to collect data in high resolution formats.  We have performed extensive research and development on our camera systems to ensure the best possible quality, accuracy, and reliability for our clients.

Geo-referenced Aerial Image and Mapping (GAIM™)

  • NADIR and OBLIQUE capabilities
  • 5cm to 20cm GSD RESOLUTION
  • RGB
  • 50 Megapixels

High Definition & 4K Video

  • NADIR and OBLIQUE capabilities
  • Specialized gyro stabilized camera mounts

Thermal Imaging (FLIR)

  • Kelvin 350 II RADIOMETRIC thermal imaging and daylight video camera
  • High-definition 640-pixel x 480-pixel
  • 04°C temperature differential detection
  • Wide field of view, 7.5x magnification
  • Integrated geo-referencing