Fixed wing, helicopter or UAV - Taiga aircraft are reliable, versatile platforms that can be configured for a multitude of missions and applications.

Taiga owns and operates its own fleet of Bell Long Ranger helicopters for utility work and corridor imaging/inspections. Wide area survey and mapping work is typically performed using Cessna fixed wing aircraft  and specific area survey and mapping work and inspection services are performed using Taiga’s unmanned aerial vehicles – both multi-rotor and fixed wing drones.

Standard Equipment

Our Bell Long Rangers are equipped with the following equipment for the safety and comfort of our clients:

  • Programmable communications
  • Moving map GPS with real-time weather
  • Satellite telephone and text messaging
  • Satellite tracking system
  • Front and rear shoulder harnesses
  • Wire Strike Protection Systems (WSPS)
  • Double stretcher kit
  • Baggage extender
  • Wedge windows for increased shoulder room

The following equipment is optional and available for specific projects:

  • Cargo basket
  • High visibility floor to ceiling forward windows
  • Long lines, remote cargo hooks, nets, straps and barrel slings
  • Hand held radios
  • Survey grade GPS system
  • Emergency pop-out floats
  • Aerial Imaging and Mapping systems
  • Infrared scanning systems